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Hot foreclosures sell quickly! Just call or email me with what you are looking for and I'll send you a free list of available foreclosures in Macomb County, Oakland, St. Clair or Wayne County, MI.

  • Lenders have been trying to work with homeowners to modify their loans and help them stay in their homes rather than foreclose.
  • While the lenders are reviewing these loans they have a backlog and maybe less than 50% will qualify for a modification.
  • The government has just implemented another program called "HAFA"  (Click here to get more information) to help homeowners that are "underwater" but need to sell.  "Short sales" will not only slow the number of foreclosures and help the economy with stabilization, they are a great alternative to buying actual foreclosed properties.
  • Buyers are now "fighting over the good deals" and many foreclosures are sold within the first day they hit the market.

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