FREE e-book: 450 Ideas to Help Your Home Sell Faster!

Ever watch HGTV's Designed to Sell and wish you could have that information at your figertips? Well, while I can't send you their design team, I can provide you with the next best thing!
I have obtained rights to send you a great reference tool that you can use when selling your home. You'll get this book instantly emailed to you in adobe format. This 52 page book provides you with all the information (and many photos) you'll need when preparing your home to sell. It contains a weath of information and suggestions for no-cost or low cost things you can do to improve your homes value. Every room in the home is covered, as well as the exterior and garage. Just check the box below, enter your email and it will be sent. Then, check your email for the book. It's that simple!
You could easily pay $25-50 for a book like this, but it's yours FREE from my website.
This book can make all the difference in how quickly a house sells!

As a Realtor, I know the feeling of worry that can surround the sale of your house. Think of how relieved you will be when you have:

  • NO MORE disorganized "To-Do" lists
  • NO MORE frustration from trying to recognize everything that might need to be replaced or repaired
  • NO MORE wondering how to transform rooms into warm and inviting spaces
  • NO MORE hoping to remember all that needs to be done prior to showing your home
Just check the box and fill out the information below (phone number is optional) to get your copy right now!
Also, I have two additional e-books: Moving With Children and Moving With Pets available for instant email receipt. Help yourself to these, or pass along the information to someone you know that can benefit from the advice.
Compliments of:
Dolores Gaskell, Broker
Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource Certified
and Graduate of "Staging Diva"
Macomb Metro Realty, Inc.
Chesterfield Township, Michigan 48047
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